3 Facebook Strategies For Recruiting Into Your Network Marketing Business

Hey, what's going on? Everybody? Michael Gaston here and I want to ask you a question, have you ever used Facebook to recruit people into your network marketing business? And if the answer is no, I'm going to share with you 3 Facebook Strategies For Recruiting Into Your Network Marketing Business. I'm going to share 2 free strategies and 1 paid strategy.

Facebook LIVES

The first strategy that I'm going to share with you right now is a simple Facebook LIVE. If you've never done a Facebook live, you probably have seen people go on their phone or their computer and they're talking the way I'm talking to you right now. In fact, this is a live broadcast that I'm doing right now and I'm sharing this information and I'm sharing from my heart and Facebook loves this type of audience participation because it brings people together on Facebook.  Facebook as a social media platform. So Facebook wants that type of social engagement. Facebook LIVE is a great way to recruit people to your network marketing business. You can share information that is valuable to your audience, who you're trying to reach, and give them just good content. Facebook LIVES are really good for engagement and, for reaching your audience. So Facebook LIVES is the first strategy I would suggest you use. Make sure to have something planned out. If you're going to do a Facebook LIVE, have an agenda. Maybe share three points or share something that, provides, some informative information, something to help your audience with what you're talking about or whatever subject matter you may be talking about.


how to recruit for network marketing using facebook

Audience Growth Method

Facebook Challenge

The second strategy is called a challenge, a Facebook Challenge. And Facebook loves these. This is one of the best ways for you to introduce or sell your, your product or your service and recruit people to your company. Now, a Facebook challenge allows you to serve your audience and it allows you an opportunity to build a relationship with them because you're going to be sharing content over a course of three to five days, sometimes even longer. Each day, you're going to teach, and share your knowledge with your audience. This allows you to get a group of people who are eager to learn what you're going to share. Just as a course that lasts several days, each day you're going to give out more valuable information. At the end of the challenge, you can invite those who are interested in learning more, to making contact with you, follow up with them and perhaps sign up into your network marketing business. It's a great way. I have many friends who do challenges regularly and that's how they recruit so many into their network marketing business.

Paid Facebook Ads

The third strategy way is with, using Facebook ads. You've seen sponsored ads on Facebook and it's the fastest way to get traffic. The fastest way is through paid media. You target an audience, knowing exactly what you're going to promote and you send traffic to that offer. You pay $5, $10. It doesn't have to be very expensive and you can engage the exact target market who you want, of people interested in your product. it's the fastest way to actually of getting an audience. So, if you want to how to use paid Facebook ads and get traffic, I want you to click the banner link in this post. I'm going to share with you a special Audience Growth Method I'm using on Facebook to get a ton more traffic. I'm going to share this to you for free. So, if you want, more engagement and you want people joining your network marketing business, follow this strategy, click the link. Find the banner and click it. And you'll see it's a really a simple method to produce more fans for your Facebook. This is Michael Gaston saying that it is always great talking with you, and I will talk again soon. Bye.

how to recruit for network marketing using facebook


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