How To Become An Authority Expert  Using A 5 Step Blogging Formula

On MLSP's Wednesday's Training Webinar, Ray Higdon shared 5 things that he applied to his personal Blog which has made him well over $4 million dollars. Here in this article I will share my takeaways from Ray's training…

The very First Step to Become an Authority?


Who do you want to become?
How do you want to be known?

Ray went on to explain that you have to see yourself as the person that you want to become, so don't focus on what you are, on your present circumstances, see yourself as having arrived and walk in that light

Stop focusing on the money you need and
instead focus on who you want to BECOME


The very first step is SEEING yourself in a better situation
than you are currently in WITHOUT justifying where you
You have to ‘SUSPEND YOUR Disbelief”
Where's your voice RIGHT NOW?

You Have to See yourself as Better than you currently
You have to see your situation getting better or it never will.

What is it?
Where you grew up?
A medical condition?
Bad childhood?
Lack of Education?
Hatred toward the wealthy?
You'll never become that which you despise

Goals are NOT Enough
They Aren't enough to keep you going.
They aren't enough to get you past the though days.
They HAVE to be coupled with a vision WHO you want to


Pay for your Education/ Coaching (This is actually cheaper than getting it for “FREE”)

“FREE is your most expensive Option” (Hint: it takes the longest)

Ray produced a training course – The 3 Minute Expert in this course he goes into greater detail on the 5 Steps Blogging Formula with topics like:

  1. Creating Content for Profit not Praise The 3 Min Expert
  2. Authority Multiplication
  3. The Formula for Instant Fame
  4. How to Evaluate your Niche
  5. Creating a Life Long Lead Machine
  6. How to NEVER run out of Ideas (Content Creation)
  8. How to effectively MONETIZE your Blog
  9. How to Read Your Audience Minds
  10. P.S. (Post Script) Sales Technique
  11. Ray's own 7-Figure Blog Blueprint

3. Create Content (with Authority)

It's the one ring that ‘RULE THEM ALL'

The simple fact is this: your blog (and your list)
is really the only 2 things you own online.
And a blog is the #1 way to become an AUTHORITY
in any niche virtually overnight…
Even if nobody knows who you are right now.

Want to know the FASTEST way to become an authority?
To teach, you must first learn
Invest in your education KNOWING that “FREE is your most expensive Option”

4. Build and Serve Your Audience

Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated

Because their is more of them than there are of you

You MUST learn to generate leads daily. After generating serve those leads by providing good valuable content to them on a consistent basis.


In the 3 minute expert Ray shares exactly how he has
built a $4 million a year blog/brand from scratch

If you want a thriving, profitable blog, Get The 3 Minute Expert course will teach you everything you need to know and have you on your way to a 6-7 Figure Income.


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