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The Colossian Heresy

The Church of Colossae was established by Epaphras. The city was located in Turkey in the region of Phrygia , in the Roman province of Asia some 1300 miles away from Rome. It was near Laodicea and Hierapolis 100 miles east from the city of Ephesus. The population of...

Converting Your Pyramid to Your Sales Funnel

  http://www.mlsp.com/media/video/ZDdlOWE0ZmU1/ "Converting Your Pyramid to Your Sales Funnel?"  The reason why I say that is because I was at work today and I saw some friends. We were actually at a training. We started talking and then out of the blue one of...

Content Samurai Video Creation Tool

Content Samurai Video Creation Tool

Content Samurai is a video creation tool that makes turning text into video, images into video, email into video and practically all of your blog articles into video if you want to. I have made several VSL (Video Sale Letters) with little technical knowledge on how to...

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Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System

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