3 Essential Blogging Guidelines


So you  have a Blog? now what?. The question beckons a response! What is the purpose for your blog? Do you have an audience? Do you know how to get the most out of your powerful marketing tool? Let me give you a hand. In this post, I'm gonna share with you 3 Essential Blogging Guidelines needed in your blog that will give your blogging efforts the fuel to supply your business with leads and sales!

A blog is something that will only help your business and never hurt your business. The moment your blog is set up on the internet using these blogging guidelines your reputation will be established and your ability to gain more potential followers for yourself and your business will dramatically improve from previously not maintaining these guidelines. You will see that there may be significant benefits achieved when you develop your blog with these blogging guidelines, so go through this informative article and see how composing your blog using these 3 essential blogging guidelines can help you.

Blogging Guidelines

  • Have A Target Market (commonly called a Niche Market)
  • Blog Consistently (Submit fresh content to you website)
  • Create Traffic (Promote the content that your produce)


Make sure that you have identified your target market (niche)

Identify Your Target Market

Identify your target market by asking yourself and answering these important questions: Who are the people who want to buy from you? Who are the people who has the money to spend? The bottom line is that you are running a business. Don't waste your time or theirs targeting people who are not interested in what you are promoting. Your target market are people who do not have to be convinced after hearing your presentation.  A barefoot person does not have to be convinced that they are in need of a pair of shoes. Target people who do not have to be convinced. Once you have identified your target market, write down what problems and difficulties they are confronted with in their business. Find solutions to each of their problems and simply share your findings with them through your blog posts.

Get into the habit of regularly publishing new material to your blog

Update your blog consistently (or daily if possible) by having a system in place that allows you to readily produce fresh valuable content. Use the ILT concept that is taught by Ray Higdon which will supply you with an endless amount of valuable ideas and topics to write on. Here is an example of how ILT works:

Read a book, attend a webinar, a training, a wake up call, or go to a live event. While in attendance TAKE NOTES (Write Down On A Notepad What Is Being Taught). Use your notes from the training webinars, wake up calls, books, and, live events that you've attended, as a source of valuable content topics to write about. Now take your notes and write a nice blog article that solves a problem that your target market is having.

If you are a slow writer and it takes you a long time to develop your articles, but you need readily available material, you may want to use an online article publishing service such as authority content profit system along with article spinning software to assist you with ready made articles for your blog until your writing speed increases.  Next, Develop a content marketing strategy template to help you produce material on a consistent basis. Your content should be published in such a way that your audience will be anticipating your next blog post with as much excitement as the next weekly episode of their favorite TV show.

Create a stampede of visitors to your blog by first producing, then publishing, and finally promoting your content

Traffic Stampede

Bring traffic to your blog simply by using one or more of these traffic gathering strategies. Facebook marketing  After your article is posted and published on your blog, immediately share your post with your audience on your facebook fanpage. Reach more people by boosting your post.
Article distribution Distributing your post through article directories such as ezinearticles, and blogspot, can greatly increase traffic to your blog over time. Use an article distribution service such as Spin Distribute to get your posts out in front of thousands. Social Sharing Sites  like LinkLuv or Tribepro can add a lot of link juice to your posts which in turn increases traffic back to your blog. Sharing your post on forums like the Better Networker can help you become better known in the industry resulting in curious visitor traffic back to your blog.

To sum up the importance of having these 3 essential blogging guidelines as a part of your blog structure will ensure that your blog posts are seen and given the exposure that they deserve which will allow them to do what they were designed to do and that is produce leads and sales into your business.

I want to thank Terence Lamar Williams ‘Marketing Rock Star' for sharing his wisdom and knowledge with us during the MLSP morning wake up call where I got the motivation and material (valuable content information) to write this post.



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