Content Samurai is a video creation tool that makes turning text into video, images into video, email into video and practically all of your blog articles into video if you want to.

I have made several VSL (Video Sale Letters) with little technical knowledge on how to use it. I've made VSLs in the past and the process was a lot more involved and frankly they did not turn out too well. With Content Samurai your font size looks awesome, your images are properly positioned and placed and most importantly your audio and text are synced to perfection.

Watch me go through the compete steps as I create a video sales letter from scratch.

So let me know what did you thought of my demonstration of how easy it was to create a video from scratch using Content Samurai?

I am eager to hear your opinion on my training. Feel free to make a contact me on facebook. If you got from this post or any of my trainings feel free to share. Check back for more trainings on topics concerning marketing and lead generation.

I want to help you get the most out of your business.

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