Conversions through Conversation How To Best Sponsor And Recruit

Conversions through Conversation
How To Best Sponsor And Recruit

In this training I am going to cover three topics that addresses Lead Conversions through Conversation
The Topics Are:

  • Perfect Person Attraction Formula
  • When To Pitch you MLM? And
  • The 3 Steps to Make More Money

The training below will help you become more confident and powerful on the phone as you call your leads!
And At the end of this training I will share with you a simple way to make money from every call that you make whether they join your MLM or not…

So you've decided to start a home business because you feel the need to earn some extra income right?
You see the value in working full or part-time from home after working on your regular job and you are excited…

But you have discovered a problem; How do you find people to talk to who are interested in YOUR business product or services?

Do They Want To Listen To You?

Your Up-Line sponsor gave you the assignment of writing down a list of your 100 most cherished family & friends (The dreaded Warm Market List) You have your list of names and now you also have the FEAR that comes with the task of calling each and every name on that list and vomiting your MLM pitch opportunity all over them.

Heck, they never even gave you an indication that they were ever interested in a home business, let alone in your product. So what makes you think they'll be eager and open to hear your opportunity pitch just because you tell them that you are gonna become filthy rich when you, “Recruit your Three” and your Three recruits their Three and so on and so on…etc, etc.

If you haven't already discovered it; getting others excited and recruited into your business opportunity is about as easy as building a house. Both will take time and patience, and a lot of mistakes made along the way. That is why Network Marketing is an excellent business model for the average person who wants to own a business because it is very forgiving when business mistakes are made. And it allows you time to make mistakes and learn from them without bankrupting yourself and your families assets.

Growing your business It is NOT as easy as it was explained at your opportunity meeting.

The truth is that 97 percent of all people who join a Network MLM Home business will never make any significant income in it……Why?
Because most people are not attracting the perfect person to talk to about their opportunity.

The Perfect Person Attraction Formula

To discover YOUR  perfect person you need to ask two important questions:

  1. Who do you want to attract? (Knowing Who Is Your Target Audience) And secondly,
  2. What problems do they face? (How To Generate Leads And Get Sales)

Once you know the answer to the questions, simply create content that addresses your audiences problems.
Solve enough people's problems hopefully through the products you are offering and opportunities may arise around your MLM business…

So the next question; When To Pitch you MLM?

Answer: Slow Down… First learn how to Generate a Lead, then get good at connecting with your lead by
determining the need… and serving to meet the need. The goal is to start to building a relationship,
and discover if what you have (your business, product, service, etc.) is a good fit for your prospect.

Grow your MLM (by Never talking about it) Instead, raise their curiosity not their resistance…
When the timing is right, they'll ask you about your business!

3 Steps to Make More Money

1st – It's about THEM, not you…
Discover where you can ADD VALUE, provide a solution to their problem, and make their lives better..
and the only way to know what their problems are is to ASK Questions!

Some Phone Tips…
You will get better results, close more sales, and make more money when you do!
Developing the skill of Conversions through Conversation and
get better and more confident on the phone with every conversation.

1. Ask where they need help (What is their need?) LISTEN to the responses.
Have a true desire to want to help them, and provide YOUR solution if it’s a good fit!
If your product is not a good fit, don't be scared to let them know that as well. It will go a long
way toward your credibility.

State the reason why you called…
Ask permission if it's an “Ok” time to talk…

This is a great first question for your initial call and conversation:
Is this a good time to talk?” Getting them to say YES and agreeing with you is KEY!

Use your prospect’s name often. The sweetest sound to a human being’s ear is
the sound of their own name.

“I see you're from “X” city… I lived there for 5 years!” (finding something in
common immediately helps build rapport and trust)

Ask The Question To Find The Pain

Understand your prospect’s wants, needs, and desires…
Discover what pain they feel by asking questions, and then simply provide the
pain-killer (your product, service, offer, etc.)

“So what's been your biggest struggle so
far with “X?

“How would your life change with more

“What if you could do “X” without “Y?”

(frame your product as the solution that can help if it can!)

2. Talk about your MLM team training. This is a very good way to get people interested in your MLM business. Look for examples from your training that you have benefited from that you can share with them

Give Value To Your Prospects

3. If they are already in a company, ask this question…
“How are you doing with generating leads online?

What's the importance of asking this question?
Remember at beginning of this article I explained to you that I would share with you a simple way to
make money from every call that you make whether they join your MLM or not?

Here's How…

There is an educational company that has been around since 2008 that teaches Network and Home Business Owners how to generate leads online. So if they tell you that they suck at generating leads online, you can offer to send them a FREE video that explains, how to Get Fresh Leads, Sales & Sign-Ups in YOUR Business (in the next 24 hours) Leveraging the Power of the Internet.

“How To Generate Free Targeted Leads Online”
At the end of the video they can take a $10 trial of the system, when they do you earn an affiliate commission!

I shared some awesome Conversions through Conversation tips that definitely will help you …
But if you want major change, you need to listen or Watch This Recruiting Training…



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