Simple Steps to take on Twitter for 15+ Leads Per Day.Getting leads on Twitter is easier than you can imagine. Using these 2 Free Online Tools will help you dominate your niche market and get leads every single day

You heard the old saying about building an email list 1st create a list and then begin developing a relationship with that list so you can then market to the list…

Well with Social media you build your business on social media by 1st building an audience and then 2nd build rapport with your audience by providing value to them, and you do that by being their source of where to find problem-solving solutions and consistently providing relevant content and engagement. 3rd give them your opportunities to go deeper into your world by putting your sales funnel in front of them and with your opt-in pages and your offers

Build a targeted audience on twitter with the software tool Statusbrew to follow a thousand people a day pick  someone who has an audience that is in your niche, follow as many as you can per day. You will have a large number of people follow you back

Send an automated response message to those who follow you back with your direct message, free gift and link that will help you begin generating leads into your system


Use a content distribution tool called Tweet Jukebox to post relevant content that invites engagement your posts. Easily add relevant engaging content to your tweets that can be automated to go out on regular intervals

See how the entire strategy comes together, listen to Adam Chandler's recent Twitter webinar training



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