Prospecting - How To Get People To Buy Your Stuff Asking 5 Simple questions


Want to learn how to get People to buy your stuff? Asking these 5 simple prospecting questions can open the door to recruiting and sales.
Prospecting and sponsoring is the most lucrative part of your business. Learn how to do this correctly and getting people to buy your stuff will be a breeze.
Why use questions?
Talking and selling is hard to do, but asking questions is easy and it is the only way to learn what your prospect needs and wants
When prospecting what you want to do is probe for any pain points
the more questions that you can ask will reveal any trouble issues

How to use questions to sponsor and sell

Focus on their needs and wants of your prospects not just on selling. After asking the question and listening to their response, repeat back their needs
Your goal is to point them to a solution to their problem even if you don't have anything to sell to them that would solve their problem
– after repeating back their needs, ask them where they serious about_______?

Take these questions and begin learning prospect and sponsor more effectively:

Q1 Are you currently building a home based business or are you looking for one?

Q2 Why is it important for you to have a residual income?

Q3 What do you think is missing right now in your business that is holding back the growth?

Q4 What if over the next 3-5 years you were to still experience the same______that you currently have?
What would things be like then?

Q5 So let me ask you this(prospect)…why don't you just focus only on building your business off-line as opposed to looking into this crazy world of online marketing?

Bonus Questions

When closing…find out where they want to be and ask questions to lead them to the right steps
For example: they want to get more distributors into their business…

So what would it take you to get more distributors in your business now?
How would getting 10-15 laser targeted leads per week change things for your business? How many new distributors do you think you could get per week if you had 10-15 laser targeted leads?

How would your business change if you were getting 2 new distributors into your business each week?

So based upon what you've told me, you could recruit more reps into your business if you had a steady flow of qualified leads correct?

So do you think it would be more effective if we implemented _______________into your portfolio?

So I recommend that we get you started with _________today so you can start generating leads and recruiting more distributors into your business. Does that sound like an effective plan to you?

Would you like me to help you implement this?

I learned these strategies and questions from training that I received from educational marketing platform MLSP
Joining MLSP will teach you to become a better marketer (Marketing Skills) which will cause people to be attracted to you and want to work with you and that will create an additional income stream.
So what are Three of the benefits of having MLSP as part of your home base business package:
it's an educational platform
it's a way to attract people to you
additional income stream

If you are looking to increase your ability to close the sell, and are interested in an educational training platform that's a lead generation affiliate system then I recommend you learn more about the benefits of joining the MLSP community.



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