MLM Training – Use These Simple Lead Generation Tactics That Work

Coming up short with ideas for lead generation tactics that work?
There are a ton of ways to gather quality leads for your business or opportunity that doesn't require a marketing budget or lot of money.
In this post I'm gonna share with you 3 Simple Lead Generation Tactics That Work, that when used together can immediately gather you plenty of business.

Lead Generation Tactics That Work


Tactic – Attend Events

Attending live local events allows you to meet people who are active in their business, who are motivated, positive and busy. All of which are qualities that you should be looking for in prospecting for your business.

What type of events should you attend?

Meetup Groups – Are local and a great place to find people who have similar interests and goals that you can network with.
Community speaking groups – toastmaster is another place where people are eager to hone their public speaking skills. Joining this organization can allow you to have a positive influence on many ears at once.
Local Chamber of Commerce – Stay close to the heart of your business community by regularly attending your cities local Chamber of Commerce business meetings. Get to know who are the makers and shakers of your community.
Get a list of local Networking Groups you can begin attending free…

How To Behave while you are there

Don't go with a preset agenda. You are there to provide value, so go expecting to learn, network, greet and meet. Don't just come expecting to get get get and not give. the quality business professional who is building a legitimate business will see you coming a mile away and run from you like the plague…
Join several organizations and become an active participant in the groups. as your relationship and influence grows so will your ability to influence and gain prospects.

Tactic – Collect Business Cards

Collect Business Cards from as many people as you can .
The next day follow Up with them. This might seem trivial but most people who collect a person's business card rarely ever does this. This tactic will make you stand out from the crowd and position you as a leader and serious business professional.

Begin developing a relationship with them by talking about their business and learning about them. When they inquire about what it is that you do, explain to them that you own a newsletter that provides training for people like them and offer them an invitation to join your Newsletter.

Tactic – Contest Entry Boxes

Contest Entry Boxes – Give away something that a good prospect might be interested in such as a (gift certificate to Barnes and noble) or a gift certificate to an Automated Plug & Play Marketing System) in exchange for Signing up for your Newsletter.
Choose a winner once a month from your contest by random selection (Put their names in a shoe box, have your son or daughter pick the contest winner while someone records a video of it.  Publish the video and the winner on your newsletter and honor the prize. Participation in your newsletter will increase and your subscription will grow. Don't have a newsletter? Set Up Your Own Personal Newsletter Here…

Watch the video on Using More Lead Generation Tactics That Work

Use these simple lead generation tactics that work with your online as well as your offline business to provide value, gain influence in your niche and grow your downline. CLICK HERE to Get 8 additional prospecting tricks and start getting a fresh batch of quality leads for your business each and every day for FREE!

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