Create Your Very Own Lead Gen Machine Using Free Tools

Want to create your very own lead generation machine? Lets go to our laboratory, open our closet of available tools and lets look into our bag of tricks… and Create Your Very Own Lead Gen Machine Using Free Tools

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Post Planner
  • Re-targeting Pixels

Other Aids: Email Auto Responders, Video Creator/ Editors, Canva, Lead Capture Sales Page Makers

The foundation tools are free, but like anything in life, if you want to make things easier all you have to do is pay for it. This is what I use…

Once you have built your very own unique lead generating machine, you can always up-grade and add to it later… (think sim city) Start with the basics and then build upon the foundation. Before you know it, you will have built a massive lead gen machine.

As a business owner leads are the life source of your business, and your list of customers are your greatest asset. Three things that you will always want to do when it comes to lead generation. They are:

  1. Build a List
  2. Communicate to your list
  3. monetize that list

Lead Generation

The first thing you are gonna need is a Facebook Fan page. This is different than your facebook personal profile page and is specifically designed to allow you to advertise and market your business. (Learn how to create your very own fan page)

The second tool that your lead generation machine will want is a is post planner scheduler.  You want to regularly post status updates on your fan page, and having a tool that allows you to be consistent is essential. I use post planner because it is easy to use. Post planner allows me to post throughout the day without actually being in front of my computer.

Once you have created your content: status update, video, blog post, instagram pic, etc… you will want to place a tracking pixel on your content to track and re-target everyone who visits any of your sites. This is easily accomplished by using a tracking and re-targeting pixel which is the third tool. (Learn more about re-targeting and tracking pixels and why you want to use them).

Tracking pixels are found on your facebook manage pages tab under custom audience.

Once everything is setup simply create valuable content and post it on a consistent basis. Over time you will discover that your machine is generating free quality leads every day.  How many leads your machine produces on a daily basis will depend on how consistent you are creating and posting valuable content.(Want to learn the secret of consistency?)

Remember the 3 essentials

Create and build a list of customers, get to know your list and have them get to know you (start having a relationship with your list), and finally market to your list (Ask them to buy your stuff)

If designed properly, and used consistently, your lead generating machine will do all three steps. And, if you attach the right tools to your machine it can do it automatically, with very little effort on your part (Wanna watch a live demonstration of my machine?)

I hope your business gives you what you are putting in it!




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