leadership SkillsI was on a recent training where I heard Eric Worre  speak on developing 7 essential leadership skills. It motivated me to write this blog post about leadership skills and how to develop yours. I will share what I gleamed from his coaching session.

Before we begin do this exercise…imagine with me that you have the power just for today to become a Super Hero of your making, just like the ones from the comic books. You must choose Four of your Favorite Super Hero Characters, My four are:


  1. Wolverine because of his ferociousness and his independence
  2. Spiderman because of his agility and his ability to think fast under pressure
  3. Hawkeye for his ability to see any movement afar off
  4. Lucas Bishop because he is a buff Time Traveler

The attributes, qualities and powers that comprised your favorite four superheros are in fact your superhero power.

Each of these attributes help make up who you are as an individual.

Add to your attributes qualities to these leadership skills and you will see an immediate expansion in your business.

Leadership Skill Number One
Finding Prospects

The first skill that you must develop is …finding prospects
Who is a prospect? and where are the best places to find them?
A prospect is everyone who crosses your path. Does that mean that you are to pitch your business to everyone who you meet?

Absolutely Not. What it does mean is that the more people who you meet and develop a true and meaningful friendship /relationship with are the very same people who may one day be come a “Qualified Prospect” for your business.Leadership Skills

So get into the habit of meeting people and developing an honest friendship with as many people you can because you never know who you will meet in life.

So where could you go to find targeted people who could eventually become a great targeted and qualified prospect?
“Facebook” of course. Use this Social Media Mega Mammoth to meet people from all over the globe. Facebook is one of the most valuable tools that has been given to you the Network Marketer
For one of the best strategies that I have come across that teaches a simple way of Finding Prospects on Facebook, listen to what this woman does to find prospects and expand her list everyday

Leadership Skills Number Two
Inviting Prospects

The Second skill you must develop is…inviting prospects
There are actually two type of prospect inviting. The most obvious one is what most marketers do naturally and that is asking your prospect to take a look at your business with the hope that they will join.
However, the second way of inviting is less direct, less obtrusive and less intimidating to both you and the prospect.
This second method can be seen as beneficial and helpful to your prospect, at the same time allows your prospect the opportunity to help you out. It becomes a “win win” scenario for both parties. Learning this skill of inviting will take your business to the next level. This video shows you exactly what I mean

Leadership Skills Number Three

Leadership SkillsThe Third skill you must develop is…Presenting
The best way to present is for you not to be the expert but learn how to introduce your prospect to your third party presenter; (your marketing tools). It may be something that you read from a magazine or something that you can give your prospect such as a dvd, video or a power point presentation.
Keep it simple and duplicatable. Point guide and direct your prospect to your video presentation, magazine or dvd.

Leadership Skills Number Four

The Fourth skill you must develop is …follow-up
You ever hear the saying,” The fortune is in the follow-up”? Well it's true and when you learn to follow-up with your interested prospect, you will have set yourself apart from the 97% of the network marketing professional who never follow-up with their prospects.

Did you know that according to Eric Worre the average prospect will need 4 to 6 follow-up exposures before making a decision on your business proposition.
Following up is good, but following up consistently and systematically is better. leadership Skills
One of the best tools ever developed for following up with your prospect is the calendar.
You can use your calendar to mark when you met and schedule a time to get back to your prospect. Keeping track of meetings and appointments is critical in closing your business deals.
As I stated earlier, 97% of marketers never even bother to follow-up. The 3% who do follow-up, write their information down usually on a post it or a piece of scratch paper which can get pretty monotonous after a while. Big companies use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to manage their clients. CRM's in the past cost a lot of money to maintain. But with the advent of the internet, there are now low-cost CRMs available to average marketers. To see the power of a CRM watch this presentation

Leadership Skills Number Five

Professionals take the stress of closing away
Learning to ask the right questions can be the difference between you eating or starving
I like what Zig Ziglar had to say. He said, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.Leadership Skills

Close the deal with your prospect by asking the right questions:
After your prospect has had the opportunity to look at your third-party exposure, ask this question followed by 4 simple questions

After your prospect has had a chance to view your exposure, ask them this question:
Out of a scale from 1 to 10;
1 being you have zero interest;10 being you're ready to get started right now, where are you?
If you sense that they are really excited then you go with the 4 questions,
if they are less than a 5 or you don't sense excitement then you just set up the next exposure.


Leadership Skills Number Six
Getting people started right

The Sixth skill you must develop is …getting people started right

Helping your new prospect get started right is absolutely essential. Not only are you helping to equip them with life changing knowledge, you also help ensure that they can begin achieving their dreams and you gain a long-term committed team member.

Show them how to get connected to groups and organizations that provide the proper mindset training as well as coaching and marketing for the network marketing profession. Help get them results fast.Leadership Skills
The MLSP community of marketers is by far the best community on the internet for helping your new team member get started right and get fast results. This group was specifically designed for marketers by marketers. Learn more about MLSP


Leadership Skills Number Seven
Promote Events

The Seventh skill you must develop is…promoting eventsLeadership Skills
Learning how to build for events is what separates the top producing marketers in the industry from the average network marketer.
The top producing marketer will continually promote event from event to event to event.
He knows that when prospects are at events they are exposed to overwhelming examples of social proof.
At events your people get to see the bigger vision of the opportunity. Events provide so much value and education. The energy and enthusiasm at events are addictive and contagious. Your team believes level will increase after attending events, so will their trust level. Events does what you can't do

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