How to make money with blogging

I had the unique opportunity to sit down with one of network marketing industries top Bloggers and SEO wizard Rob Fore. We sat and chatted in the hotel lobby while waiting for our rides to the airport after attending an event. (Tip: Want to meet and spend time with leaders? Attend The Next Live Event!)

We talked for well over 20 minutes and I had a chance to get to know him a lot better on a personal level. I recorded part of our conversation about “How To Make Money With Blogging” with the method he calls The Vending Machine Model; a topic that he had presented as a speaker during the event.

Listen in on Rob's and my private conversation about how to make money with blogging

The internet runs on search…
When your target market need an answer to a question, one of the first things that people do is to go to google and type what they are looking for in the search bar…
The blogger's job(that being you) is to provide answers (as blog post articles) for the  people who are searching.

When your blog post solves a problem that people are looking for, you are providing value to the marketplace and in return you are now able to provide a solution via your product or service simply providing answers to questions in a particular niche or market.

Providing answers to the marketplace and writing a blog post about it is what Rob Fore calls, “The Vending Machine Model”

Rob has created several products in the back office of My Lead System Pro
that shows you How To Make Money With Blogging simple, Try out his Article Writing Service for yourself





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