3 Ways How To Target People And Get Them To Follow YouGet more name and face recognition online using these 3 social media marketing tricks.

The purpose of this exercise is to become more familiar to people in your social media circles in order to get your content in front of thousands by following, liking and sharing other people's stuff, and having your content being shared and liked by others.

Your goal is to get people to know like and trust you and to gain visibility. To get more social media real estate and to have more people know who you are.

This article will teach you 3 social media marketing tricks designed to show you how to target people in your social media circles and to get them to want to follow you.  And as a bonus to using this strategy, you will discover the secret of how to get people to send you friends requests on Facebook and YouTube.

This strategies can be done every day all day, it's not something that takes a lot of time.  You squeeze these strategies in between your daily activities. These activities are what's called nook and cranny activities.

How To Get Facebook Follows Facebook-Follow-Button

Here's the strategy go over to a popular personalities profile on Facebook, someone who is well-known in your social media space. Find a popular post on their profile, look over the people who have commented or liked that particular post, click on the names, scan for someone who is popular (has a lot of followers)  and follow that person by clicking on the follow button.

The theory is that if you follow them they in turn will follow you back.

You don't have your follow button activated? Watch this video to learn how to activate your follow tab

Here's Another neat Trick

Another method you can use is to go to your own Facebook News Feed. Look down your feed and see who has a post hover over the people on that post who have made a comment or liked the post. Click on the names of the people, and see who you can follow any of them

Once they have followed you back or have sent you a friends request you can have a conversation with them and eventually invite them to your newsletter or perhaps a webinar.

So every single day you need to be connecting to more and more people. Set this as a goal: Follow 100 people per day and look to connect with at least 10 of them everyday.

Scan your news feed to see the latest post this will give you more recognition and more presence in the space overtime.

YouTube Subscribe Trick  youtube_subscribe_button

This same strategy works well with YouTube.  The way it works in YouTube is you simply put a search term in the search box; for example (you would enter personal development), every video on personal development will appear. Click on the filter tab below the search box and select “Today”, click subscribe to the channel of the people who have posted that day and are active marketers

Remember if you want people to look at you, you must first look at them, so the major takeaways from this article are:  Look for people who are looking for you. In order to find those people you have to be visible.  You must develop content to be visible and you must get their attention in order for them to want to know and read your content.

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning Social Media Marketing Tricks – 3 Ways How To Target People And Get Them To Follow You. Leave a comment and share this article with your team. I hope you have gotten value from this post.

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