How would you feel if you were generating 40 + leads per day sponsoring 3 to 5 people per week into your primary business using Facebook?
Do you create Curiosity Posts? How do you post?
(Tip) did you know you can make up your own keywords  for your own products?

Most people want to build a business online so they can have more freedom.
Help them reach their goals by providing answers to their questions.

Why would you want to help Network Marketers who are already in a business?
By becoming their go-to person for answers, you become valuable to other Network Marketers. And when you become valuable you also become sought out.

Most customers – do not know they need your business. Let them know about your service by providing value to them and their business. Lead distributors to your water using Facebook and work with those who want to work with you.

In this short training clip Lisa shows you 3 simple Facebook techniques for finding prospects using Facebook.

Facebook Technique #1
Start a conversation with the people who
like comment and share the stuff you post

Facebook Technique #2
Add those that expressed interest in your post
to a hard Calendar for follow-up conversation

Facebook Technique #3
Add them to a follow-up list on Facebook
Like and comment on their stuff

Get a pen and paper, turn off your phone, shutdown your Facebook and pay attention to this timely training prepared for you

using facebookIf you want to hear her entire training sign up and subscribe to my 7 Day Facebook Training Class. When you do, you will be given access to several exclusive training from top marketers around the industry all about their Facebook prospecting and marketing strategies.

Topics covered will include Facebook: prospecting, retargeting pixels, advertising, FB Live, mobile lead generation, and how to avoid FB jail
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