What Is Attraction Marketing And Why It WorksWhat Is Attraction Marketing – And Why It Works

So what is attraction marketing?  Attraction marketing is allowing people who want what you have to offer to find you through their own actions
But what if they don’t know that you exist yet? How do they find you?
Simple!…you simply go fishing… you place your bait on the line and cast your line into the water.
Your bait is delicious valuable content that you create for your target audience.
When you create content that solves your audience's problems, you attract the very target who are actively seeking for answers and solutions.
What Is Attraction Marketing

5 Content Creation Ideas To Attract Your Target Audience



Why It Works


Basically, the content that you create answers your target market's questions and concerns and provides a solution to their problems.
Your created content takes the form of blogs, e-books, videos, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram pictures and tweets as bait.
Traditional marketers who don’t use attraction marketing will usually put their business opportunity out front as bait and pitch it to anyone who makes eye contact with them asking them to join their business. It is very difficult finding people still open to that kind of approach to an opportunity.
But you can operate smarter; There's a better way…
Attraction marketing solves the problems of others first and it helps them meet their need by fulfilling their desires. You are going to provide solutions, solve their problems. When you do, they will love you for it and will begin trusting and referring to your knowledge. They will gladly give you their email and telephone number so you can contact them and start building a relationship with them and eventually make sales by putting offers in front of them.
So attraction marketing isn't hard to do, it just is a matter of common sense. Many haven't connected attraction marketing principles with selling because most people have never connected the whole sales process with friendship. But ask yourself this question, “who are you more likely to do business with? a cold unknown stranger or a warm trusted friend?” We do business with who we know, like, and trust!
So next time someone rejects your offer or service, you might want to ask yourself why? and perhaps you may want to look into learning more about how to incorporate this system called attraction marketing into your business.
I hope you found my article What Is Attraction Marketing – And Why It Works informative and insightful. If you care to, leave a comment and let me know what other topics you are interested in learning about.

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